A general introduction to the complex interplay of organisms and environment.   Basic concepts of biodiversity, evolution and natural selection will be introduced. 

 Interactions between individual organisms and environments, both within species and between species will be treated.   

Fundamental concepts of ecological theory will be introduced.  Geographical focus will be primarily on California biomes – treating both aquatic and terrestrial environments.  

 An introduction to science as a way of knowing will be provided including formation of scientific hypotheses, definitions of evidence -- and methods of observation and data collection and maintenance (including field research methods) will be presented.  The evolution of biological diversity and strategies for preserving biological diversity will be discussed. Field trips will be included (as part of biweekly labs).



Examines what constitutes a good life from the perspective of world philosophy. Drawing from the study of world philosophies, students develop a personal mission statement and life plan that they will update throughout their college education.