The course introduces students to the art of writing and giving Dharma talks. Various styles and kinds of Dharma talks will be studied and considered. Working closely with the professor and their colleagues, students will find particular styles and methods to help them in their own homiletic work.



Students produce effective Dharma talk and pastoral writing. 



1. Explain the art of homiletics and its role in ministry.

2. Examine the history of preaching in the Buddhist traditions, historical consciousness and 
religious literacy.

3. Describe how exegesis, eisegesis, hermeneutics, and storytelling work.

4. Gain experience in embodying contemplative practices while speaking

5. Learn various ways of forming, structuring and giving spiritual talk.

6. Read the homiletical work of other scholar-practitioners.

7. Describe ways of teaching dharma and Dharma to different audiences, and through media.

8.  Develop basic awareness of controversial issues around gender, race, sexual orientation, culture, diversity, sexuality, substance abuse, power/privilege in teacher/student relationship, and many perspectives/concerns about all of this.