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Developing and Teaching an Online Course

Developing and Teaching an Online Course

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You may be interested in this content-rich, 20- to 25-hour Magna Online Course which provides core principles and best practices in online course development and teaching (MAGNA ONLINE SEMINARS, 2020): 

First, you'll get a look at the current state of online education, and the fundamental differences between online and face-to-face teaching.

Next, you'll learn how to transition to the online classroom while retaining the sense of community a face-to-face classroom provides.

From there, you'll discover the best way to run your courses: how to establish your classroom "presence", use online discussions effectively, administer assessments, and provide feedback.

You'll learn how to employ a variety of technology tools with purpose. You'll see how to use your LMS to your advantage, how to use video confidently, and how to stay attuned to ADA compliance requirements. 

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